The Cadillac hotel

{Pioneer Square}

From the 1880s until well into the 20th century, Pioneer Square was full of hotels of all types - elegant ones to serve wealthy travelers, and simple ones for laborers and wanderers seeking their fortunes. The Cadillac Hotel was built in 1889, immediately after the Great Fire.

Like many local hotels, the upper floors were left vacant after fire regulations were strengthened in the 1970s. The hotel was severely damaged in the 2001 earthquake and was on the brink of demolition.

A heroic effort by local preservation organizations restored the building. The Cadillac Hotel now houses the Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Park.

To learn more about this building, visit the City of Seattleā€™s historical sites page.

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Cadillac Hotel and Phoenix Underground. Earthquake damage, 2001
Cadillac Hotel

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